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Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Software


The overwhelming choice of basic PC software for home office and small business users is Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Sealpoint Computing builds on this foundation for its support service.  If a business system is to have a usefully long supported life modern network aware versions of the software should be installed so that the inherent performance limitations of earlier editions are avoided.  Sealpoint recommends Windows v7 Professional, Office Home and Business 2010, Internet Explorer v8 and Windows Home Server or a Windows 2011 based Server.

All businesses need to keep accounts and many need to produce quotes, invoices, manage VAT and have a Payroll program that will process employee’s wages without the need to understand the complexities of payroll legislation.  All these needs can be met at low cost by Sage Instant Accounts 2011 or Instant Business Package v16. 

Both the Microsoft and Sage software packages are available to run on a single PC but can be upgraded to network shared versions when this is required.  Many small businesses operate successfully with only the recommended basic software, some Excel spreadsheets and one or two customised Access or SQL databases.  If the business has less than 10 users then a File Server running Microsoft Server 2008 Foundation Edition will provide a safe and secure IT environment that allows clients maximum control over their business procedures and processes.  

Sealpoint can install, set up, configure and maintain all of a client’s business software but the responsibility for the in-built functionality and operation of any application remains with the software vendor.  Sage provides a comprehensive telephone and online customer support service and also publishes a self study Accounts Training CD-ROM.  Microsoft product support of all types and for all skill levels is available from many third party suppliers.