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Small Business IT Support

Starting IT Support with Sealpoint


Sealpoint offers prospective clients a free IT survey, assessment and written proposal on what needs to be done to make their IT system suitable for remote support.  This initial meeting will not only assess the client’s existing IT hardware, software and working practices but also explore the client’s aspirations for his business.  The Sealpoint proposal will attempt to retain as much of the current business culture and investment as possible whilst indicating what advantages could accrue by making specific changes.  The strategy is to make system changes in a progressive sequence and at a speed that the client feels comfortable with.

The earlier IT system description is intended to cover general small business IT principles but many enterprises will require an IT solution customized to their own specific trading requirements.  Sealpoint’s proposal will take account of these requirements and breakdown costs to individual items and service levels so that a client only pays for what he needs.