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Small Business IT Support

Small Business Processes


The processes that all small businesses need to address are financial control, human resources and payroll, business administration and trading procedures.  Historically, there have been numerous software programs targeted at these business activities especially for larger organisations where a higher cost of ownership and greater IT investment can be tolerated.  Nowadays, many of these software vendors have introduced varieties of their products aimed specifically at the smaller business marketplace without removing much functionality but at considerably lower cost.  By careful product selection it is possible to obtain a high performance, reliable, maintainable small business system at a cost that small businesses can afford.

The biggest threat to an organisation’s ability to trade occurs when there is a failure in their IT system.  Unfortunately, the cost of a rapid response IT support contract or a resident IT expert is beyond the affordable limit for most small businesses so an alternative strategy is needed.  Using an IT support company on an “as and when” basis can be fraught with cost, response time and competence issues so the option adopted by many small business owners is to rely on what they can do for themselves and hope that a disaster will not happen to them.  There is rarely any disaster recovery plan in place and often when there is a plan it has never been tested in anger.

Sealpoint Computing offers an IT support and maintenance service that uses remote access to rectify many operational malfunctions, provide routine health monitoring, verify system backups and install software updates.  The availability of a remote access facility has the additional advantage of allowing some business functions to be carried out by authenticated non-resident users.  The Sealpoint service is affordable, tailored to your specific business needs and has a graduated response that is prioritised to keep you trading.