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Small Business IT Support

An affordable strategy for Small Business IT Support

When you’re running a small and growing business you need to manage your finances, your staff, your customers and your trading practices.  It is also desirable that the tools you use are as low cost as possible, require only basic IT skills from your staff, are straight forward and quick to use, and have low maintenance costs.

Sealpoint Computing offers a low cost, small business IT supply and on-going support strategy that can be customised to utilise appropriate existing equipment, staff skills and trading practices whilst improving business reporting , analysis, efficiency and communications.

Progressive levels of IT hardware kit, from a single PC to full small business server configuration, are offered that can host a secure, failure resistant and disaster recoverable small business system.  All configurations contain a high performance ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router that allows Sealpoint to remotely inspect, monitor and reconfigure most IT activities without the need to physically visit the client’s premises.  The home page system diagram shows the types of equipment that may be attached.  There is a minimum viable configuration consisting of the ADSL2+ Modem Router, one Windows workstation and a workgroup laser printer that can implement the Sealpoint support strategy but a minimum system may be expanded by attaching more network devices as and when they are required.